Lançamento INVERNO 22

Fabiana Milazzo graduated in fashion from the Italian Academy of Fashion, Art and Design, a modeling expert at the Callegari Institute, also in Italy, Fabiana was always passionate about creating not only clothes, but everything involving any kind of creative process. 

Her passion for art and the desire to innovate led her to develop new techniques of embroidery that associated with traditional ones, resulting in a hand made of unique effect on textures, reliefs and colorful patterns.

The brand began its activities in 2000. Today it has 3 own stores: the store in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, city in which its factory is also located, its flagship in the “heart” of the Gardens in São Paulo and its first international store in Los Angeles, on Molrose Place next to major luxury market brands, which will open in February 2017.

Her collections are presented at Minas Trend in Belo Horizonte and her debut is set for March 2017 at São Paulo Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion weeks in the world. 

Sophistication, femininity and originality are the hallmark characteristics and have become the identity of the brand, in addition, there is constant care with hand made and the search for differentiated materials, making clothes true jowels.

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