Income For Women

Looking for a way to maximize our power to generate employment and income, we have developed, together with the NGO “Ação Moradia”, the project “Income for Women”. The project aims to take care of women and their children by providing an embroidery course for the moms and educational activites for the kids.


With the idea of minimizing waste and using the upcycling technique, the project “Renewart” turns pieces of fabric that would be disposed of into new authentic, artisanal and exclusive clothes. It’s a new idea that, besides generating jobs, gives a new perspective to what is luxury, valuing human work relations and respecting the environment.

Raw Materials

Since we don’t make the fabrics that we use, we have to go for the options available in the market. So, we search for responsible fabric providers, that are up to date with legislations, that try to make all the processes more eco friendly as possible and that value the raw materials. Between our providers is the artisanal weaving “O Casulo Feliz”, with organic silk threads.

Reuse of Patchwork

The pieces of fabrics of our collections are donated to the following institutions: Casa do Menor, Acción Moradia and Costurinha Fraterna. These institutions revalue them turning the fabrics into new products, besides contributing for social inclusion, culture and the development of children and teenagers.

Conscious Consumption

Our creations are made to last, being able to “travel” between generations, passing from mother to daughter, for example. In this sense, we are against the hand of Fast Fashion, emphasizing a timeless and exclusive design.

Who wears it?